Make Bar Cocktails at Indian Home?… Try Bartender Chatbot

When was the last time You wandered online make Bar Cocktails at Indian Home, with Indian kitchen ingredients. This sweet new app will be of Help… Cheers!

Indians are searching wildly for way to make Bar Cocktails at Home. Not any cock recipe, but the ones which can be easily made without venturing out anymore. The cocktails with easily available home ingredients and enjoyed in company of a a few pals or someone special. Obviously it saves from much commute hassle and is easy on pocket. That’s why it’s not uncommon for us to head online to search for cocktail recipes making brilliant use of mint, orange and lemon. If you’re also interested in mint, orange, Cola and lemon-based easy cocktails recipes, that can be prepared in some style, then bartender Chatbot, called Simi, will be of help to you. The bot provides ample stuff to make Bar Cocktails at Indian Home.

Make Bartender type cocktails in Indian Kitchen with mint, Lemon, and may be Soda inside the refrigerator

The bartender chatbot from United Spirits will suggest do-it-yourself cocktail recipes for consumers using ingredients readily available at their homes. To make a heart to heart connect, then USL, a subsidiary of British beverage company Diageo Plc, is the owner of popular whisky brands McDowell’s No. 1, Signature, Smirnoff vodka and Captain Morgan rum. The company which taught you what is meant by… “Yeh Number 1 Yaari hai”. The USL is a subsidiary of British beverage company Diageo Plc.

To give you a more likable virtual bartender or assistant by your side, the bot is sweetly named Simi. On a more liquor free sanity purposes, the choice to make the bot female was inspired by the fact that it was a woman who won its bartender competition this year.

Home cocktails made to Indian taste

The make Bar Cocktails at Indian home bot has around 300 recipes in store right now, will offer more than 2,000 recipes over time.  All the make Bar Cocktails at Home recipes were created in consultation with bartenders are are easy on Indian Kitchens.

The cocktail recipes Chatbot will be officially launched at an event later this week in Bengaluru.