Weight loss while running a marathon Linked to faster finish: Study

This finding can provide valuable cues to those who are trying to lose weight. So read every word do the next couple of lines with an intention to get a deeper meaning.

According to a new study released,

Marathon runners who lose three percent or more of their body weight during a marathon finish the race faster. That’s in less duration.

From what I had studied w.r.t how athletes use energy while running; sprinters or athletes who run short distance races like 50 m or 100 meters tend to burn their bodily reserves unaerobically (or in absence of oxygen) to get the sudden burst of energy needed just for a couple of seconds. In contrast long distance runners get the energy aerobically.

Hence, the study results are in conformance to the expert knowledge, and hence it’s not surprising that those marathon runners who are burring their body reserves faster tend to finish the race quicker.

Conclusion: So the cue that should be taken is: For a successful weight loss, Brisk exercises that require a sudden burst of energy is required too. So try to mix your low energy exercises with some brisk ones.

NOTE: Consult your physician before undertaking any kind of physical activity.