How To Weigh Normal During Pregnancy?

Great hints to gain normal weight during pregnancy | How not to gain excessive weight during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, you should pay attention to your body weight. You will find that weight can influence the health of the mother and the baby. Make sure that you have a normal weight during your pregnancy so that you can be sure that your baby is healthy.

Discuss with your midwife or doctor about the normal weight that you should gain for healthy pregnancy. The Institute of Medicine recommends certain weight that a pregnant woman should gain. According to them, the weight gain is based on a woman’s pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI).

  • A woman who is underweight before pregnancy should gain 28-40 pounds (12 – 18 kilograms) during pregnancy
  • A woman who is normal weight or average weight before pregnancy should gain is 25-35 pounds (11-15 Kilograms) during pregnancy
  • An overweight woman may need to gain 15 to 25 pounds (7-11 Kilograms) during pregnancy
  • An obese woman may need to gain 11-20 pounds (5-9 Kilograms) during pregnancy

To maintain your weight, you should eat the right food with the right amount of calories. For your diet, you are only required to add 300 calories in a day. This amount of calories is the same with the container of an apple and yogurt. But, you must also make sure that your diet is balanced. You should also consume fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, grain and lean protein. Make sure that you always fill up the nutritional value that you need. This means always choose food based on its nutritional value.

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Furthermore, you should continue your exercise regularly. This is done in order to avoid the weight gain that can be very fast during the pregnancy. You will find that exercise is very good way to manage stress. You will also be able to prepare for your delivery. For you who never do the exercise before the pregnancy, you should start it slowly. Additionally, exercise will control your weight as well. This is also good for your heart rate. Thus, you should do this beneficial activity when you are pregnant.

To keep your weight normal, you should also drink plenty of water. By drinking enough water, you will be able to stay hydrated and you will feel fuller. Finally, you should get enough sleep during your pregnancy. You will find that this is another way to keep your healthy weight gain. Do not let your body too tired. And avoid over eating.

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