Weight Watchers more effective than a doctor prescribed weight-loss plan

According to a new study, funded by Weight Watchers — Weight Watchers is more effective at helping people lose weight than a weight loss plan prescribed by a doctor.

The study found that People on doctors’ plans still lost weight, but just not as much as people on Weight Watchers.

That apart, the researchers also found that people in Europe following the same Weight Watchers plan as Americans, lost twice as many pounds as those on a doctor’s guided plan.

In addition, those who lost weight via Weight Watchers also had more-reduced waist size and fat mass. An observation which the researchers say lowers their risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Although the researchers were not sure on why Weight Watchers worked better; but they think it might be the group feedback the program offers, which might be making WW more effective than the doctor’s weight loss plan.