What an anonymous Indian Cricket Fan Wishes for 2014!

An anonymous Cricket fan’s wish-list for the year 2014…

  1. The Indian bowlers will pick some wickets and concede lesser runs than their batsmen can score. [350 in every second match is inhuman even for the best batting lineup in the world.]
  2. The Pakistan batsmen will put enough runs on the board for their bowlers to defend. [Enough means about 250.]
  3. Sri Lanka will learn to handle Junaid Khan before the end of 2014. [And hope they continue to feed Virat Kohli with those easy runs]
  4. England will at least once play a fully English team. [OK, going by IPL rules, we’ll allow 4 overseas players. But not more.]
  5. South Africa will NOT find a replacement for Kallis. [It is complete injustice to all other teams that one team has so many all-rounders.]
  6. Australia will find a solution to the LBW woes of Twatto. [Not because I like him but just to see him getting bowled.]
  7. New Zealand will find more opportunities to play Cricket. [Haven’t seen much of the current lot. Chris Cairns is more visible]
  8. Bangladesh will scrap the Below the Poverty line League [BPL] and instead play some serious Cricket. [Dazed by the T-20 madness, their batsmen play the ugliest shots we can see on a pitch]
  9. Zimbabwe will find some sponsor who will finally manage to pay the players. [This is serious stuff. These players deserve better management]
  10. West Indies will find a glue that can prevent collapses. [Fevicol should sponsor a batting academy in the Caribbean]
  11. The minnows will continue to grow and trouble the bigger teams. [Bored of watching same Ashes, Pakistan – South Africa and India – Sri Lanka series. Love to see Nepal and Afghanistan troubling bigger teams]
  12. And finally the Comedy show people will lock Sidhu on their show or in the Bigg Boss house or anywhere on the television including CID or Saas – Bahu serials, so that we are saved from more Sidhuisms. [We have suffered enough for two lifetimes. We all need break !]