What is superior: The Human Brain OR Computer?

Without any doubts a Human Brain is Superior than a Computer. Especially when one takes into account the intelligence Question.

Intelligence is the ability to ‘Do the right Thing at the right time; that too in a casual manner’.

For instance, You get up from your seat to fetch a water bottle from a fridge and en route you hear the door bell ring. As a human you instantly make a decision to answer the door bell first. This kind of intelligence is not possible with even best of computers; and till now all computers need to be told what thing they should do.

Another important virtue of human brain (which can be disadvantage at the same time) is ‘How it learns new things’.

If a human being has to learn a new thing he has to learn it. That is he has to spend time and follow a certain path. Computers on contrary learn things via data transfer. You connect a data rich PC to a data deficient one and initiate the transfer process and once the data is transferred, the learning is complete.

But is the inability of human brains to learn thing like computers a demerit. On casual glance this may look like one; but it is not. As during the learning process, human brain value add the learn stuff. And this is the key to evolution and progress. No wonder, every educational discipline (be it management, Cooking or Law) becomes an Art and a Science.

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