What is the Wonder of Hard Work ? | Productivity

A dear friend of ours recently died after a heart attack. He was in mid 60s. To the day he suffered the heart attack, he was working in a shop. He was survived by wife, daughters and a son. During his lifetime people always appreciated his hard work. No one ever speculated on why he was still working when everyone of his age are enjoying their retirement. After his demise, some people have started the speculation.

This is the wonder of hard work. The world appreciates hard work. A hard working individual may be poor , but his/her hard work surpasses every criticism.

If you work hard and people still wonder what you do for living; then there may be two reasons :

1) You are not marketing your hard work well

2) You’re plain unlucky.

To conclude, here’s a tip : If people don’t appreciate your hard work, then forget about such people. Instead , try making contacts with people in your field. These contacts will spread the word, as to how hard working you are.

Some other productivity musing, some other day …