What Milkha Singh can Learn from Brendon McCullum’s Dad !

Yesterday when Brendon McCullum scored 300 runs in Test cricket; the entire New Zealand seemed to be on cloud nine. Among the celebrating fans was Stuart McCullum — a former cricketer and Brendon McCullum’s dad.

He was simply clapping and had a look of great pride on his face. Nothing more nothing less.

It’s interesting to see how two cultures give the spot light to their winners.

In New Zealand and in other Western countries, people do give distinctively more spot light or space to their Winners. They don’t try to steal from their achievers the opportunity to bask in the glory of their achievement.

I’ve noted many a times that when it comes to allowing the achievers live the moments of their achievement; Indian culture is a bit poor.

The moment someone achieves something monumental, the Indian society starts looking for his/her mother, father, brother, friends, coach etc.

To the extent that the spot light shifts entirely on these people. ‘Sehwag Ki Maa’, ‘Yuvraj ki Maa’ or ‘Sachin ka coach’ giving bites on TV channels is not an uncommon event in India.

We Indians have a strange habit of searching for the motivation (s) which made someone Great. In our enthusiasm, we forget that the most important person is the person who achieved the Greatness. Everyone else is simply a medium.

Milkha Singh might be a great achiever and a great person himself; but every time there came an opportunity to him to praise his son Jeev Milkha Singh’s achievements in Golf; he proved a non-generous father.

Senior Singh always seemed too eager to boast about his own achievements. Not actually realising that by doing so he’s robbing his son of the glory. He can learn something from Brendon McCullum’s Dad.