When it comes to weight loss, Aussies are Wishful Thinkers

80% of Aussies Want to Lose Weight, but 55% Don’t Exercise Regularly

When it comes to weight loss or maintaining a healthy or normal body weight, humans are always seen practicing ‘wishful thinking’. Deep in their brains they always want to have a healthier and sexy physique, but their actions seldom allow them to make that thinking a Reality.

With increasing affluence (standard of living), this distantness between thinking and actions regarding body health, increases as well — That’s a more affluent or rich an individual is, the higher are his/her chances of not acting to get a healthier body. The reason is simple — Affluence brings ease; Ease in work, ease in access to choicest of foods etc. Hence, physical exercise which requires effort, whether it’s walking on road or climbing up the stairs or working out in a Gym; goes to the back seat.

That’s why obesity has attained the endemic proportions in rich countries like US, UK and Australia (Like other western nations, Australia is engaged in a battle of the bulge as obesity rates soar).

When it comes to weight loss, Aussies are Wishful Thinkers

According to a survey data released by Australian life insurance firm AIA, Aussies with weight issues actually want to shed more pounds in favor of a healthier and sexier physique, but most of the time while their mind is willing, their bodies are not.

The survey found that while 80 per cent of Aussies desire to lose weight and 90 per cent are concerned about rising obesity rates among young people; but contrary to this only 45 per cent exercise regularly.

As happens with any non-acting individual, below are the key reasons, Australians give for not exercising regularly and for not eating healthy food:

Excuse: Tiredness, which was cited by 59 per cent of the respondents
Excuse: Lack of time (53 per cent)
Excuse: Difficulty in preparing healthier food and perception that a balanced meal costs more.

Unfortunately, Aussies did not fare well in the index based on its 59 index score out of a possible 100. The country’s score is below the regional average of 61 for pan Asia-Pacific Healthy Living Index based on 10,200 interviews from 15 nations.

The index was based on four key health behaviours, namely:

1) Getting sufficient sleep
2) Regular exercise
3) Regular medical check-ups
4) Putting into practice healthy eating and drinking habits.

But there’s a certain good thing about wishful thinking:

The fact that the study found that adults from Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Australia and New Zealand agree that they need to do more to attain healthy living and admit they are not satisfied with their health; is a big hope for them. A motivation in the right direction can change that ‘desire’ to real results. It’s like, these people have already pinpointed the problem areas; all what is needed now is to motivate them enough to hit the turf.

The situation is much better than the situation in Indonesia, India and the Philippines, where respondents seemed to be satisfied with their health even if they have not imbibed a healthy lifestyle.

It’s important to understand that maintaining a healthy body weight needs effort. All the celebrities out there flaunting a sexy body; are investing considerable time and effort to have that body. So, if you want to eat healthy and have a healthy body weight, then you have to stand up from your couch life style and transition to a physically active life style.