Who do you want your Organ to be Donated? | Question

This is not to discourage anyone. This is not to find faults in something where there are none.

This is just a question which comes to my mind whenever I see sponsored Organ Donation drives or initiatives on TV.

The question is: How transparent are these organ donations in India?

I’m not a proponent of destroying body for the afterlife. What I’m simply asking is : What is the benchmark adopted while choosing a organ beneficiary (one who receives the organ)?

When Fortis Healthcare or some other big Hospital conducts an organ transfer then what benchmark it adopts for choosing the beneficiary?

They may be adopting the First Come First Serve rule or; they may be guided by the urgency. But beyond such rules, how does it ensure the poorest of person in the society without privilege of any type (influential contacts etc.) gets the organ.

Asking this as it’s an important question, not only for I but for you also.

It’s important to understand that when a person pledges his/her organ, he/she is making that organ donation pledge with a clear picture. For most of these pledgees they have a picture of the poorest of person getting their organ. This may not apply to all, but most people want their organ to go to someone who can’t afford or have least access to the privileges & resources. Even for those with not so clear picture, the organ donation wish roams around a needy, irrespective of his/her material wealth or social status. That’s why organ donation pledges are made without any money consideration. In simple, they don’t want someone making money out of their donated organ.

That said, to what extent this democracy in organ transfer is maintained, is a question which many among us will want to ask.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I’ve serious doubts about it. I don’t think organ transplant is democratic at all. I’ve not seen poor people getting organs. On the contrary, I’ve seen rich and influential getting organ transplants very quickly.

The ordinary and poor have little or no access to Big Hospitals who usually sponsor such organ donation drives on TV. This increases my uneasiness with organ donation.

[DISCLOSURE : The Author has NOT pledges his organs]