Who gave them the right to open treasuries containing tax payers money?

In a cricket crazy country like india; it’s blasphemous to ask this question but, I think there can’t be more apt time to raise the question than right now.

Who gave them the right to open treasuries of tax payers money?

I’m questioning the right of the Governments at state and center.

Who gave the Governments the right to open treasuries of tax payers’ money?

It’s right that Indian cricket team, brought the much waited for world cup after 28 years. Equally true is that, this team carried this burden of great expectations well and made sure the cup doesn’t slip out of hand this time.

As an Indian, I am too, happy like countless others.

But what has followed after the win, is disappointing.

BCCI announcing a cash price of 1 crore to each player of the squad; and lesser amounts to the coach and the support staff can be understood. BCCI as a body, looking after the cricket business and the players; has every right to reward its players; although if it chooses to be that lavish then the Indian Government surely needs to look into how it is taxed too.

But how can one comprehend the logic behind, the state governments, announcing similar rewards in cash and kind. Every government is behaving as if it has to be seen as a more generous donor than the previous one. And this is really disappointing.

As no matter, how one defends, even the plea that the team needs to be encouraged and the money and the land to players, will help develop sports culture in the country; seems over the board.

We are not living in some 18th century Mughal state, where some Emperor had the tendency or urge to distribute the wealth in his treasuries to whomsoever he wants with both his hands; getting a title of “Shah-e-bekhabar” and much partying with rich and famous, for himself. We are living in the 21st century, in a democratic nation, where those who rule, rule for the people and whatever they spend belongs to the citizens.

As the money being distributed is not the money of those who are distributing it; it’s your and my; hence they have no right to announce such rewards to individuals.

And this is definitely a bad gesture on the part of the governments; and they are setting wrong precedents for future as well.

If the Governments really wants to leverage this opportunity to develop sports culture among citizens, then why not renovate some much ignored playground any where in its state and then let it open to those who can’t pay for world class facilities. This is much better than giving an individual money and land for some sports academy; and making claims that, the academy will help budding cricketers become like Sachin and Dhoni. As in all probability, the said academy, if it materializes will again cater to those who will afford to pay for the lessons.

I think, no government, in any republican democratic country should be allowed to reward achievers in cash and kind; instead, achievers should be awarded with State honours. The Governments should try to develop best infrastructure for sports that is accessible to all; where some kids will play sports just for the sake of playing and others make a career out of it. Those kids who are good at sports but don’t have the resources to continue should be provided with the required resources; just making sure that they don’t lag behind by such constraints. Once a kid reaches to the satge where, he can say, a particular sport is his/her career; leave him/her to the Sport body who runs that sport.

As a closing note, just, contemplate, how many budding sport persons can get an annual scholarship, if the same money the Governments are distributing like ‘Shah-e-bekhabar’ is put towards that end. Clearly, it’s futile to say that, those who are getting it at the name of developing a sports culture among kids of all status; as these same individuals are already getting annual salaries in lakhs and crores; driving priciest of cars.

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  • deekay Apr 5, 2011, 8:47 am

    no what you said is not blasphemous and I am a cricket fan too……it is just a game of political one-upmanship…albeit with Indian tax payer's money…..:x

  • A Bisht Apr 5, 2011, 7:14 pm

    @deekay_________'political one-upmanship' is the appropriate word. But all this, still keeps countless kids, playing on roads.

  • deekay Apr 6, 2011, 11:12 am

    politicians will always take shortcut and are more interested in garnering our eyeballs and what better media than cricket….your suggestions are good, about beginning from the roots…..but then again, all that takes time and i dont think politicians would ever do the ground work necessary for sports to thrive…:(…..corporates can certainly do something as a social responsibility initiative….(they already have their foot firmly planted in the IPL)….

  • deekay Apr 6, 2011, 6:22 pm

    at least cricket seems to be on the right path…………cant say the same about other sports

  • A Bisht Apr 6, 2011, 9:56 pm

    @deekay______ya, I agree. To add, in India politics has become more of a mannerism, rather than work. Aspiring politicians, most of them, focus on how a senior politician behaves and what he wears, rather than on what the duties of a politician are.

    I agree, that corporates can do also do something in this area. And IPL is the right opportunity for them to address this.