Who ransacked AAP’s Gaziabad Office? Answer is in the Ideology

The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP office in Ghaziabad is ransacked today, by the goons of some so called Hindu Raksha Dal. The Groups says that the act was a reaction to Prashant Bhushan’s recent comments on Kashmir, where the SC Lawyer and AAP member, in an interview with Aaj Tak on Sunday, seek a referendum on the army’s presence in Kashmir.

ransacked AAP's Gaziabad Office, AAP Kaushambi Office, Saffron brigadeThe CCTV footage at AAP’s Gaziabad Office shows three to four dozen armed miscreants carrying bricks and lathis ransack the Office property. The goons also tried to attack party volunteers, but the volunteers locked themselves in time inside a room to doge them. The attackers tried to break open a door, but weren’t successful. The miscreants ransacked the ground floor and left.

Notably, Bhushan’s comment had drawn ire of several right wing outfits, including the Bharatiya Janata Party.

This is what said AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, said after the attack,

“The party never endorsed Bhushan’s comments. Despite that, goons were sent to attack the AAP office. One party has been encouraging these groups. These are all inspired by the BJP. It is if they are the custodians of Hinduism. This is fake nationalism. We have video footage of the attackers. AAP seeks immediate action against them,”” 

Who ransacked AAP’s Gaziabad Office?

The Answer is in the Ideology. And AAP leader Kumar Vishwas’s suspicion may have some substance.

If you remember, last year, the members of some so called Bhagat Singh Sena broke into the office of Prashant Bhushan and manhandled him.

If you remember, a couple of years ago, some other Hindu Sena, molested women at a bar in Mangalore, Karnataka.

If you remember, a member of the same Bhagat Singh Sena slapped Union Agriculture minister and NCP leader, Sharad Pawar.

Bajrang Dals, Shiv Senas or  some other group/party harrass young men and women every Valentine’s Day.

Please Recall the last time any of these groups treated any Right Wing Leader the way they treat leaders of other political parties. You will not remember any. As these groups never attack Right Wing parties. The biggest one being the BJP or the  Bhartiya Janata Party.

This makes one infer that they are the fringe groups of the key right wing political parties. Although their names are a clear giveaway, but still let give them the benefit of doubt. Hence lets not link the Hindu Raksha Dal to BJP only because the attackers were carrying the banner of Hindu Raksha Dal. A name which sounds Hindu or the slogans sound Hindu.

Another reason why such fringe groups look right winged allies of BJP as the moment BJP spokespersons start voicing some fears, the fears get materialised in no time. BJP spokespersons for some time now are saying that the reluctance of AAP take security can invite attacks on AAP leaders; adding quickly that if such attacks materialize, then AAP will blame the BJP or the Congress. This means three things: Either BJP spokespersons forecast such attacks or they encourage such attacks  or they are issuing threats. You decide, which of the three looks more plausible.

The attackers carried flags, banners, lathis and even hurled bricks and abuses at the AAP volunteers, many of them women. Ask yourself what kind of person swears on God to respect woman and still harasses women, if they happen to disagree or for vested political interests (remember BJP’s Vijay Jolly? Who blackened the name plate of Shoma Chaudhury).

BJP appears to be acutley distressed at AAP forming a Government in Delhi. That too with Congress’s support. A day or two ago, Rakhi Bidlan’s car’s windscreen was hit with some UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). It cracked the windscreen on the top. Rakhi claimed that it was a stone hit at her car. Later the family of the boy who projected the UFO told the media that the boy was playing cricket and the ball accidentally hit Rakhi’s car’s windscreen. How a ball managed to get the angle and intensity to break the car windscreen is anyone’s guess (do you also believe a tennis ball hit by a bat, from batsman on ground, can attain a speed sufficient enough to break a car’s windscreen? That too at top. I don’t believe it can.).

It’s hard to challenge and confront any party which works with hundreds of small fringe groups, which are technically and logically its, but which the party can own and disown at its convenience. That’s why you as a voter see the ideology of a political party, before voting for one. We don’t need such goons harassing citizens.

PS: The seat bearers of Hindu Raksha Dal have said that they are one of the groups under the saffron brigade of RSS, Bajrang Dal. Notably, BJP is the political wing of RSS. RSS or Bajrang Dal don’t contest elections you see. That apart, Senas, Dals and Morchas are the nomenclatures restricted to RSS and BJP. Sri Ram Sene another saffron group was also involved in AAP’s Kaushambi Gaziabad Office.