Whose Team B is AAP: Congress or BJP ?

Don’t know, who coined the name ‘Team B’ for AAP.

But do surely know, who made it a household name. The honour goes to the BJP.

BJP spokespersons and leaders are overusing the term so much on TV channels that many viewers are wondering: Whose Team B is AAP? The BJP says AAP is the Team B of Congress. Congress simply says, the Nation knows, whose Team B APP is!

Does the Nation really know?

Who knows. But from the look of the things so far, AAP appears to be the younger sister of BJP, than the Congress.

Why? The logic behind this is simple: A team B or sister, whatever term you use, will never canabalise. Thus, all one has to look at is the Damage. Who AAP is damaging more: Congress or The BJP?

Below are the reasons why AAP is the Team B of BJP,

As …

  • In latest Delhi Assembly Elections, BJP managed to increase its vote share. On contrary, the vote share of Congress dwindled down to 25 percent. Looking at the picture closely, AAP ate the vote share of the Congress.
  • AAP’s rallies begin and end with the slogans, which are a staple of BJP. That’s Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai and so on.
  • Just like the BJP, AAP is Anti-reservation.
  • More than the Congress, it’s the BJP which looks more eager to prove AAP the Team B of Congress. This strong urge to dissociate itself (BJP) from AAP, many a times looks deceptive and part of some hideous agenda. It’s similar to the scenario “Chor Ki Dadhi Me Tinka”.
  • The kind of politics AAP is doing; AAP, wherever AAP chooses to contest elections, will eat Congress’s vote share (if AAP chooses to contest elections outside Delhi or Lok Sabha Polls 2014). AAP’s politics is accomplishing that feat for BJP, which BJP can’t do on its own.

You’re free to see AAP as Congress’s Team B. For me, AAP is the younger sister of BJP.

PS: More than anything, Congress needs to become more vocal and tell its supporters that it’s not on the back foot. Of late, Congress has lost the conviction to say that India supports Congress. If BJP can convert, “Vote For Modi” to “Vote for India”; then why can’t Congress say, India still votes for it.