Why AAP must disclose its Funding

Arvind Kejriwal has again attacked Congress and BJP for having relations with the Corporate.

In his recent attack Arvind Kejriwal called Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi as the Masks of Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of RIL.

Arvind Kejriwal’s such attacks against the Corporates, has made it all the more important that AAP disclose its Funding Sources.

Why AAP must disclose its Funding?

You may ask, if no one is compelling Congress and BJP to disclose their fund givers, then why single out AAP?

The reason is : Congress and BJP may be taking funds from the Corporates. But that is not a unique thing. Political parties the world over take funds from different sections of the societies and professional groups. Since politics is primarily a non-profit work, undertaken to steer ahead the interests of the people; hence there’s nothing wrong in taking money from the people, including Corporates.

But there’s something unique with AAP.

What is unique with AAP is : It’s also taking taking sizable money from Corporates, people and Groups outside India; but it’s attacking Congress and BJP, and other political parties, for doing the same. 

This is unethical.

Bet you, doing politics, garnering votes and fighting elections requires serious money. Just to give you an idea, in a Lok Sabha election, if one has to manage a single booth, he/she has to spend at least Rs 5000 (that’s the limit by the Government). If a political party plans to contest even half of all the Lok Sabha seats; imagine the amount of money it will require if multiple booths for a single MP seat are to be managed.

Thus it’s difficult to contest elections without some serious funding. And Corporates and other Pressure Groups account for sizable portion of this funding.

Arvind Kejriwal can’t make such allegations; unless he and his party is clean.

PS: I’m quite sure that Arvind Kejriwal’s party is also taking money from Corporates. But just look at the audacity of this party and its Founder, that it’s not thinking twice before calling the other a thieve. What kind of people are we trusting; who don’t think twice before telling a Lie.

PS: If AAP or its Founder thinks the doubts about its Funding courses is baseless, then why doesn’t AAP disclose its Funding Sources. AAP’s usual argument that bigger political parties are also not disclosing their funding is untenable. After all they are not calling the Corporates the Thieves in Pin Stripes.

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