Why AAP’s Rishwat Band Advertisement is Unfortunate!

I’m referring to this advertisement:

The above advertisement is unfortunate, simply because:

1. Showing Advertisements is not what people expect from AAP.

2. It wrongly correlates decline in Corruption and Money saving: First of all decline in corruption can’t directly result in money-saving. Particularly in a country where population makes every single resource scarce.

3. It is simply worshiping an individual.

Lets set aside what Modi led BJP Government is doing ever since it came to power. As many people are now realizing that what BJP is doing from the past two years is nothing but marketing itself to come to power and keep that power. That’s why crores being spent on branding PM Modi and the Government are simply being ignored by majority of people. But this was not the case with AAP. Whether one supports AAP or not; the majority of people actually believed that this party will not use public money to promote itself. But unfortunately, with this advertisement (a couple of previous ones), AAP has broken that perception.

The grounds on which BJP and rivals are objecting to AAP’s Rishwat Band advertisement may be different; but they have one single lesson for Arvind Kejriwal led AAP: AAP must stop this advertisement immediately. It must understand that whoever runs such¬†advertisements is simply wasting people’s money. A money which can be used for the people.