Why are we Indians like this? What is Indian Mindset? Wonders Doctor

Why are we Indians like this ? Wonders Doctor. What is Indian mindset, contemplates, the Doc.

The write-up, may or may not Help You crack the puzzle, called Indian Mindset. OR, What it Means to Being Indian?


After long years of research, I have come to understand the truth. We inherited our ancestry from our “Puraanas” or “Mythology”. And that is why “We are Indians; we are like this only” ! Here’s my attempt to unravel the complex Indian Mindset.

Indra, the King of Gods had “Airavat”, a “White Elephant” as his ride. Today, the “White Elephant” has multiplied and rules us and we collectively call it “Government” !

Indian Mindset, being Indian
The Government that Upholds the Constitution !

Ganesh trusted in his Mouse and gave him immense powers. All the Mice [Can we call Rats ?] turned into Government Servants also known as Bureaucracy and they prey on the public wealth !

Indian Mindset, being Indian
The System that is supposed to help us !

Shiva had his slave in a Bull [Nandi] and Ram was assisted by a Bear [Jambavan]. Today, the Bulls and Bears push and pull the economy !

Indian Mindset, being Indian
Bulls & Bears !

The Peacock was proud to be Karthikey’s vehicle and subsequently became the national bird. Today, the Proud as Peacock Celebrities fly high and rule our Psyche !


The Tiger was Durga’s vehicle. Due to everyone from British Lords to Hindu Swamis gunning for their skin, they migrated to Sri Lanka and formed LTTE !

Ravan with his ten heads kidnapped Sita. Today, there is a multitude of Ravans all over India and Sita isn’t safe even today !

Indian Mindset, being Indian
Modern Day Ravans !


Brahma chose to sit on a Lotus and meditate. Our principal Opposition party chose the Lotus as a symbol and then went to sleep !

All Gods blessed their people with their open Palm and the ruling party does the same today and delivers just about the same; Promises !

Indian Mindset, being Indian
Promises !

And finally…
All the monkeys that helped Ram, forgot how to fight together and started fighting one another. And thus they are ruled by the Elephants and Rats. Today, they are known as “Common Man” !


Indian Mindset, being Indian

This is what we call Darwin’s theory of Origin of Species by means of Evolution; Indian version !

PS: No apologies whatsoever to anyone whose sentiments might get hurt. No shame in accepting the truth that “We are the Monkeys” !

Editor’s Recommendation: If you want to delve into the Question, what is Indian Mindset, do read Diplomat Pawan K Verma’s Being Indian.

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