Why Arvind Kejriwal is NOT Mahatma Gandhi!

Arvind Kejriwal, former Civil Rights activist and now the founder politician of Aam Admi Party, is surely not among the ranks of Mahatma Gandhi. No matter how much he compares his civil disobedience and Fasts to that of Gandhi’s.

Arvind Kejriwal ends Fast

The reason is: Unlike Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal fears death. He doesn’t have guts or resolve to die for a cause.

Interestingly, Arvind Kejriwal may every now and them, claim that he will give life for the country. But tell you, that is just plain rhetoric. This man can never do so. As he simply doesn’t have guts or resolve to do so. Claiming that one can die for a cause is one thing; sticking to one’s death plan amidst declining irreversible damage to the body is another. Arvind is too smart and intelligent to do that.

Hence,  Be prepared to see more such half baked fasts from Arvind in coming months, where Arvind will call quits stating diabetes, malicious politicians as the real culprit. These are just clever tactics. Tactics, with which only Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev can agree with.

Apart from fear, Arvind Kejriwal also lacks resolve. The reason for this is: He himself is not convinced that the cause for which he’s fasting, is justified. For him these are just a vehicle to get some seats in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

Anyone, be it Congress or BJP, who criticized Arvind Kejriwal’s recent fast on electricity bills, have valid reasons to do so.

One, being a politician doesn’t mean you can raise any issue, to gain votes. If any political party promises to quash House Tax, electricity bills or bills of any sorts; truck loads of people will vote for that party. But still, unless you’re a communist country like Venezuela, you as a politician should think twice before making that promise.

Second, if you see conviction in taking these populist demands (quashing electricity bills of an entire metropolitan); then Fast unto Death. If you claim that you can die for the country, then do that; so that people you rattle with unrealistic demands get some message and get a clear sight on what to demand in future. This will also discourage those citizens, who like you are using clever tactics for their own selfish gain (those whose electricity bill is not inflated; and what they are served is what they used).

Before concluding, one more important reason. Politics is not a bad thing, it’s a profession (like doctor,  Engineer). And just like other professions requires the person to practice it singly. After founding a political party, Arvind kejriwal shouldn’t instigate people break laws. If he has conviction that his ways are not unlwaful; then please die for the cause to set an example.

PS: Fasts are important and potent instruments of democratic protest. But they are also forward moving. This means that, there’s no backing out once you embark on one. Fasts unto Death are many times more potent than serial fasts as they actually test the faster’s resolve and honesty for the cause. Only in Fast unto death, unless the demand(s) are met, there is no backing out. Other fasts are just clever ploys.