Why encourage people to Defy Kejriwal’s Odd-Even Formula!

Ever since Arvind Kejriwal’s Odd-Even formula testing started, the rival political parties and their supporters, opposed it.

It will not be wrong to assume that a section of them insisted on taking on road their odd vehicle on even days and; vice-versa.

That said, the opposition can be justified to the degree it doesn’t look a visible sabotage attempt.

Which took place yesterday, when BJP Leader Vijay Goyal took out on road his unworthy vehicle, and publicly announced that it’s in opposition to Kejriwal’s odd even formula. He exhorted people to come out openly in opposition to it as well.

This is not good.

Odd-Even might not be the correct solution Delhi’s pollution or traffic. But what is bad in giving it a test run.

For instance, some of us don’t like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna or Start-up Yojna. But that does not mean we can encourage people to break into those institutions which are implementing it. We can oppose, as to why we don’t think the initiatives are not good or are are not what they tell they are.

If Odd-Even formula is a solution being testing in haste, then breaking the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) corridor, just for the sake of 7 percent cars was also a decision taken in haste. After-all stepping back on public road transport doesn’t look logical either.

Hence, lets have patience with Odd-Even Formula. Unlike BRT, it’s not permanent.