Why increasing UPSC Civil Services Age Limit to 35 is Not Good!

UPSC aspirants want UPSC CSE Format change, or format made Rural Youth friendly. Want Increase of Age Limit to 35. Why it may not be a Great idea.

The UPSC aspirants yesterday protested outside Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi’s residence.

The protest was against the structural and content changes made in the UPSC examination pattern. The aspirants are alleging that the changes announced by the UPSC in 2013 has given them a very short notice to prepare and also the changes are discriminatory against the students from rural areas. The aspirants are demanding that they be given age relaxation and another fresh three attempts.

Why protest outside Rahul Gandhi’s house? As Rahul Gandh has an image of being a supporter of rural Youth. Or may be, they UPSC aspirants have seen how major decisions are taken once Rahul Gandhi raises his voice. The latest example being increasing the cap on the subsidized LPG cylinders from 9 to 12.

Protesting aspirants have refused to leave the premises unless their demand is met. Rahul Gandhi, however, has not met them as of yet.

Demand to increase the age limit for UPSC IAS, IPS, Group Services, Allied Services, is Self Destructive even for the Aspirants:

As of now, the General Category candidates can appear for UPSC Civil Services examination from 21-30 years (10 years) and a maximum of 4 attempts. Although increasing the number of attempts to more than 4 seems logical; increasing the age limit to 35 years, surely doesn’t.

Why? As, the number of seats to number of applicants ratio for UPSC Civil services is a big waste of time. Imagine how much a young man or woman can gain, if he/she puts the same number of years (10 years) of their prime youth, to more productive pursuits and education. If a UPSC Aspirant can’t crack the Civil Services in 4 years, then chances are he/she will never make it, even if he/she is allowed to appear in the CSE 15 years in a row.

So the point here is: Rather than the number of Attempts and Age Limit, it’s the non-seriousness or lack of smart hardwork which is hurting the UPSC aspirants.

Ideally, an aspirant must appear in his UPSC CSE attempts in a time frame of 3-4 years, and if he/she doesn’t make it to the Civil Services, move on to other career options.

Remember, at the end of the day, a balanced human being desires a Happy, Economically stable, Personally and Professionally fulfilling life. The means having a spouse and kids too. Hence it’s not very intelligent to ignore all these goals for a decade and a half of the preparation of some competitive exam.

Waiting to crack UPSC CSE or State PSC till 35 years or 40 years of age is non-productive. ¬†Remember, a career is beneficial to the individual’s growth, only when the individual has joined it at the right time (the right age). When people reach the age of 40, they don’t assess one another by their choice of careers, but by the growth one managed to have, in his/her chosen career.

UPSC Civil Services Exam For IAS, IPS, Group A services and Allied Services

At present, a general category student is given four attempts which he/she can appear from 21-30 years. An OBC student is given seven attempts and a maximum of three years of relaxation in age for OBC candidates [Non Creamy Layer only]. Thus a non-creamy layer OBC can appear in UPSC CSE till 33 years. There is no restriction on the number of attempts for an SC/ST student till the age of 35.

The recent changes made by the UPSC have excluded foreign languages from its course, which is liable to affect many students who opted it as one of the subject in UPSC exams. Interestingly, many of these foreign languages are taught in more than 20 Indian Universities.

PS: If You are serious about UPSC CSE give yourself not more than 4 years for serious, single focus preparation. if you make it, good, if don’t, then move one to other career options.

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  • Rebel Jul 18, 2014, 5:27 pm

    No, instead of age limit, there should be cap of no. of efforts.

    Age limit should be extended to 50 years and there should be lateral entry. But no one should be allowed to attempt entry at same level by more than 2 times. There should be categories like
    1. Fresher
    2. 5 year exp
    3. 10 year exp
    4. 15 year exp

    One should be allowed to enter civil services at any point of time. 30% should reserved for promotees (the one who go through Civil services examination) and 70% should be filled through open competition.

    Imagine having open competition for post of Secretary to Ministeries, ……….