Why it’s difficult to object to Narendra Modi!

In a rally at karnataka a day ago, Modi said this: Congress aur Bhrashtachar Behnein hain.

The statement means Congress and Corruption are Sisters.

The above statement can’t be objected to, for two reasons:

1) Every political party (including the BJP) or any group comprising of humans, has a section of people who are Bhrasht (corrupt). Hence such a generalised statement can’t be objected to. As only a fool will see it as a 100 percent lie.

2) Modi is a champion of such ‘Laphbazi’ (Big Talk); hence objecting to the statement is futile.

But when Modi shares dais with Yeddyurappa, mentions him thrice & talks about corruption in Congress; then one guesses what fills Modi’s 56 inch Chest !

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