Why Organic vegetables for Health, does not make for a Compelling Case for most people?

I wrote this write-up in 2008, as the research by the person, is still very relevant today, I decided to re-share it once again.


Going by what Bjorn Lomborg, considered a think tank, with the Copenhagen Business School, has to say: All the propaganda about the health benefits of the organic vegetables seems misplaced.

According to him:

Going organic will prove detrimental to the world in long run. It goes like this:

If somebody tells you that organic vegetables prevent cancer; he/she may be technically correct; as there is a link between the chemicals and illness, but the risk is miniscule in any properly regulated society.

Now, there’s one more way to prevent cancer—by eating lots of vegetables and fruits.

But as organic vegetables and fruits cost 10-20 % more than regular produce in developed countries and 30-40% more in developing countries; going organic means consuming less quantities of vegetables and fruits.

And the chance of falling ill by decreasing one’s intake of vegetables is much more significant.

That apart, going organic will substantially reduce the global produce ; which will lower the intake of population in general; making them risk prone to various illnesses.

So it seems making a compelling case for the health benefits of organic produce, is difficult. But you can do so for taste.