Why Salman Khan is Not the Right Man to Endorse Politicians?

Salman Khan may be a great person, known for his big heart , Acts of Kindness and philanthropy. But still, he’s not the right man to endorse politicians. Or if said in other words, he’s not the person whose political endorsements must become the basis of your vote choice.


As, being a responsible citizen of the country; we can’t base our judgement on recommendations of a person who has simplified his life’s philosophy to one line : No matter how you earn money, if you put that money to help others , it’s alright.

I’m not saying Salman Khan is earning money by dubious means. In fact he’s not . He works hard for every penny he has, and he has every right to have that money.

What I’m saying is : To make himself more credible with his political endorsements, he must show some spine on issues which make for political discourse in the country. Dancing in Samajwadi Party’s Saifai Mahotsav held in the middle of human loss in Muzaffarnagar ; OR flying kites with Narendra Modi , will not help him become any credible. If Salman Khan wants to delve into politics in any way, he must extend his Life’s Philosophy a bit more. After all, whether we like it or not, a section of people do listen to what Salman Khan says. Salman Khan needs to feel some responsibility for such admirers.