Why some people can’t be Sobre? Robert Clark Young’s new Book a cautionary tales of Alcoholism

Released in February this year, Robert Clark Young’s New Book, about cautionary tales of alcoholism, makes to Amazon List for Hot New alcoholism books.

What led to the Book:

After struggling with alcoholism for years, Robert Clark Young is now a published author who has been sober 26 years; but he is still clueless on why some people can’t be sobre? And this cluelessness gives way to the book, Thank You For Keeping Me Sober.

You can read about Young’s life later in the post; but I want to share with you, what kind of questions cloud Young’s mind, even this day.

Talking to Patch, Young says that he had seen many of his friends, whom he used to sit to drink many years ago, die. What saddens Young, is that many of these guys were best educated and possibly the most intelligent ones living on the face of this planet. But, they couldn’t survive. They drank their way out to heaven. This Young says, also proves that intellect is not necessary to survive.

Some of these guys, says Young, were probably the smartest people he had seen; who could talk to complete strangers about any topic; but there were things like intellectual ego, or some missing part in their life’s jigsaw puzzle; that always made them impenetrable to the discussion related to sobreness.

You can find the said interview Here.

About the Book:

Thank You for Keeping Me Sober, Volume II: Philip of the Streets

by: Robert Clark Young

published: 2012-02-21


sales rank: 90080

He grew up a wealthy boy in the South. His parents bought him a white Rolls Royce for his twenty-first birthday and, later, a green Jaguar convertible. He lived in an exclusive, fashionable building in downtown Atlanta, in a condominium just beneath Glen Campbell’s. They used to nod hello to each other from time to time as they took out their garbage.

And then there was alcohol.

When he was still in his twenties, he inherited $800,000. He drank his way through it. A second inheritance, $80,000, actually lasted a bit longer, but he drank his way through it as well.

He lost his condo and his automobiles. He alienated his family, who refused to help him any further. He became a street person, stealing vodka form liquor stores. He slept in shelters and in alleys and in parks. His hair and beard grew long, his face acquired the red-brown tan of the street alcoholic, and his clothes were tattered and filthy. One afternoon, he was standing on the corner of Peachtree and Luckie Streets, waiting for the light to turn, when he noticed a woman standing next to him.

It was his mother. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t recognize him. His shame sent him scrambling away from her.

He had become a desperate alcoholic. Meet him now. He is “Philip of the Streets.”

The year is 1990. Author Robert Clark Young has just arrived in Texas to study creative writing at the University of Houston. Four years sober, he knows that the only way to keep from drinking is to work with other drunks.

Philip has also arrived in Houston. He’s living in a halfway house, “outside the Loop.”

Two men with nothing in common, except an addiction. What will happen when they try to work together to stay sober?

THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SOBER is a fast-action story, told with all of the conflict, drama, sharp characterizations, wild turns, and hilarious surprises that Young’s readers have come to expect. Whether you are a sober alcoholic, or an alcoholic struggling to get sober, or someone who loves a person who’s in recovery or who should be in recovery–or whether you’re just a reader who enjoys a quickly paced story about life-and-death events—you’ll probably agree that THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SOBER is one of the most unforgettable reading experiences of your life, delivering all of the joy, gratitude, tragedy, and redemption that go along with the often baffling disease of addiction.

Today, Young lives in San Diego, where he writes about many subjects, including eldercare. He has been the primary caregiver for his parents since 2008, when they both suffered serious strokes. All of the royalties from his books, stories, and essays featured on Kindle go to keep his parents living in freedom and dignity in their own home.

Thank you for downloading this book, and also look for THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SOBER, Volume I: The Story of Dr. Bill Kent, and THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SOBER, Volume III: The Big Guy.

Praise for Volume I:

THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SOBER is brilliant, beautiful, funny and painful. I laughed and felt like crying. Young’s telling of his friendship with the alcoholic Bill Kent is both humorous and poignant. Anyone who has been exposed to alcoholism will relate to the tragedy of Kent and rejoice in the sobriety of Young, who never stopped trying to help his friend. This isn’t just a story longing to be told, but one that is well-crafted literature that avoids sentimentality while retaining the sentiment we need to be human. –Gail Peck, author of Counting the Lost