Why will Successful People Listen to Your Advice! | Wisdom

We often hear people lament (feel bad) that Someone successful in their friends’ circle or extended family doesn’t pay heed to their advice anymore. Such people usually sum up their disappointment by saying : Why will he/she listen to us any more, he has become big now!

Exactly this is the Fact.

If a person has become successful or has grown beyond you, then why will he listen to you. [Will use YOU, as this article is meant for productivity enhancement and we all are prone to such behavior, sometimes]

Listening to you means listening to something non-useful.

One can try to learn from the successful person instead. That way one can learn many skills in life which open the gates to success.

Don’t get emotional here. Having truck loads of knowledge on subjects such as Spirituality, Religion or any other esoteric matters can make you an interesting talker, but will that make you useful in success matters is doubtful.

Hence, don’t try to veil your advice by Age or Experience. Every mortal on this earth gets these by default.

You may be elder, you may be experienced; but when it comes to success in Career and other Worldly matters, only a person who’s tasted success is the right person to listen to.

Thus to be productive, try following those who are successful.

And don’t give unsolicited advice to successful people. Obviously they will not listen to you. And that’s not bad, as listening is also a waste of precious Time.

Another Life Skill for you … the moment someone tells you that so and so person has stopped listening to him… remember that this person (who is complaining this to you) is the first person you must leave … Else you will Learn everything negative about Success.

[PS: Some people learn this Life lesson the hard way. They keep throwing unsolicited advice (Advice which is not asked for), until someone asks them to simply shut up.You’re smarter than that, right.]