Why You should choose IGNOU? And Why You Shouldn’t?

IGNOU Courses are Well Researched, Well Formed and are Cost Effective. But why you should choose IGNOU Courses?


Why You should choose IGNOU? And Why You Shouldn't? IGNOU Courses may be Good, but you should know a Few Important Things before Opting for IGNOU Courses.Indira Gandhi national Open University or IGNOU is the top Higher Education Open learning or Distance Learning Institution in India. The primary objective of IGNOU is to enable people pursue higher education, at any Age or along with a regular job. For IGNOU courses, there’s no need to attend classes, and extended period of time is offered to ensure that the students finish the enrolled IGNOU Courses.

Below are the top reasons, Why You should choose IGNOU to pursue Higher Education

  1. Presence in 43 countries, including 30 African countries, through 80 overseas Partner Institutions abroad.
  2. More than 247 programmes
  3. Around 3.0 million or 30 Lakh Students
  4. 67 regional centres — 47 IGNOU Regional Centres, nine North-East Regional Centres, six Army Regional Centres, four Navy Regional Centres and one Assam Rifles Centre.
  5. 3380 IGNOU Learner Support Centres
  6. 54,230 Academic Counsellors on a part-time basis
  7. 21 Academic Schools engaged in planning and development of various ODL (Open Distance Learning) educational interventions.
  8. IGNOU continues to provide sustainable and learner-centric quality education, skill upgradation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies. IGNOu courses are well researched and the courseware offered is world class. If the higher education pursuer from IGNOU devotes regular to reader the course ware, he/she gains great insights, real world applications in his/her chosen professional field.
  9. IGNOU caters to learners from across India. This means that not only urban people, but people from rural and tribal areas, disability groups, jail inmates and rehabilitation centres, governmental and non-governmental organizations, parents and home makers, employed and employers can pursue IGOU Courses.
  10. If a person can go through 10-12 pages of the course material daily, he/she can successfully the enrolled course/programme.
  11. IGNOU keeps launching new courses for ever evolving Job market and entrepreneurial space. That why one can see IGNOU courses like meat processing, fruit & vegetable processing and Timber management etc.
  12. IGNOU Courses and Programmes are Cost effective. You can do a professional Course at 30 percent of what you pay at other Institutions.

Below are the top reasons for Why You SHOULD NOT choose IGNOU to pursue Higher Education

If you are not in a habit of studying regularly, then pursuing higher education through distance learning may not be for you.

This is specific to IGNOU. In IGNOU the Assignments for each subject, to be permitted before yearly and Semester Examinations, must be Handwritten. This is a bug hassle, especially for those who are not in the habit of writing or who are more happy copy pasting Answers from the internet.  In other Open learning universities, like Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), the assignments are to be submitted in printed format, this especially assists copy paste method of Assignment creation.

Rest positives and negatives are the same as  with any other Distance Learning.