Wi-Fi Extender Smart Switch: THA-101

Wi-Fi Extender Smart Switch: Smart switch allows to control electrical devices From Smartphone. Wi-Fi Extender Smart Switch extends wireless network too.

QCS Communication Technologies has announced the launch of TRENDnet THA-101 Home Smart Switch with Wireless Extender. The Smart switch is a combination of

1. Smart electrical outlet (an electrical Switch which is smart, and can be controlled from a smartphone) and;

2. A powerful wireless extender which can be used to connect to existing wireless router and broadcasts a strong wireless network in low wireless coverage area of your home/office. All it means is that it eliminates the need to buy another Wi-Fi connection. This wi-fi extender smart switch will do that for you.

Control Electrical Appliances from Smartphone

By using the TRENDnet mobile app, one can turn on and off a light, fan, electronic device, or appliance without straining themself. This home smart also allows users to schedule the turn on/off outlet according to their needs or to give an illusion that they are at home.

wi-fi extender smart switch

Smart Home App

  • Quick app-based setup/In-app THA-101 installation
  • Turn a device on/off from any mobile internet connection
  • Powerful N300 wireless repeater extends your existing wireless network or converts it into wi-fi extender smart switch
  • Create a weekly on/off schedule
  • View real time power consumption: Energy (KWh), current (A), voltage (V), power (W)
  • Manage multiple THA-101 units from the app
  • Free Apple® and Android™ app
  • wi-fi extender smart switch requires a home wireless network


Wi-Fi Extender Smart Switch Special Features

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Requires existing wireless network in order to function

TRENDnet THA-101 is a home automation product which is well designed for maximum Wi-Fi range extension. The high powered N300 wireless extender amplifies and transmits the extended signal which eliminates the need to buy another Wi-Fi connection. The Smart switch option gives the freedom to turn on/off the electrical appliances at home/office using the free app available in Apple store as well as Google play store. Users can now easily save the power and cut down the energy bills by turning off the appliances which were accidentally turned on using this smart switch from anywhere you have an internet connection.