Winner of Bigboss 6 — Urvashi Dholakia

…it has become clearly visible now.

Actually Bigg Boss 6, the reality TV show on Colors, appears to have a hidden agenda. And that agenda is to give an indirect push to the Saas-bahu Soaps on Color. As that’s the audience the channel wants to target.

This became amply clear, when Bigg Boss started implementing designs to save the women contestants, particularly the Urvashi Dholakia of ‘komolika’ fame. The week before, all men in the Big Boss 6 house were nominated;  a week before that, the members who got most nominations for eviction, were saved by Bigg Boss (the beneficiary was Urvashi); and yesterday Urvashi was saved from the nominations, for performing her latest task with flying colors (if Colors proposes Urvashi’s name for Oscars 2015, for the said successful task; don’t be surprised).

Just look at the winners of BigBoss’ past two installments (Shweta Tiwari and Juhi Parmar) and you will  see how Bigg Boss is targeting Soap audience of the Channel.

Tell you, the votes of the public are not the criterion of a contestant’s popularity in the Bigg boss’s house. The key criterion is — Long Term gain for Saas-Bahu Soaps.