Winter Yield of Bottle Gourd or Lauki | POTW

Bottle Gourd Monsoon Yield

Bottle Gourd or Lauki is a popular vegetable in India. The humble vegetable is not only nutritive (also acts as laxative), it is easily cultivable as well. The Picture Of the Week (POTW) is the last year photograph of the bottle gourds on my house terrace. The bottle gourd Vine had climbed from the ground all the way to the terrace (with a little assistance from our part, in the form of support wires or threads).

What is fascinating about bottle gourd on a terrace is that it is easy to cultivate (just sow a few seeds in the small non-cemented space left around the house), easy to take care of (requires that much water which keeps the soil damp). If you choose a good seed and if you are planting something in the soil, after years of fallow, then you will even not require manure (cow dung).  Although, creating a compost from organic kitchen waste is a good idea to make some homemade manure.

A bottle gourd vine sown (seeds are sown) during monsoon season can easily give you anywhere between 10- 35 bottle gourds. The Winter Yield will spread from October-January (in North India).

Actually it is not about the yield. It’s about growing one’s own food. What if only a small part. The best thing about growing one’s own food is the Satisfaction One Gets from the Act. To feel that satisfaction, you have to sow something.  If you manage to get some yield then you have an added bonus: Organic fertilizer free vegetable for you and your family (In our family, my mother does all the gardening. Thanks Mum.). Isn’t it Great?