Woman drinks just Soda for 16 Years, faints with long QT syndrome

Woman drinks just Soda for 16 Years, faints with long QT syndrome. long QT syndrome, which causes erratic heart beats.


Now this is a typical case. A 31 year old woman in Monaco fainted and was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a heart problem called long QT syndrome, which causes erratic heart beats. A blood test also showed that she has very low potassium levels.

When quizzed, the woman revealed that her family doesn’t have a family history of heart or hormone problems. A little more quizzing, gave an interesting information on what caused her to be unhealthy. The woman had been drinking only soda since she was 15 years old, Coca Cola to be exact. No water, no tea, only Coca cola. She drank about 2 liters of cola every day. For doctors, this volume is a lot of soda.

Doctors recommended that she keep away from the soft drink and within a week, her potassium levels returned to normal as did her heart beat.

Woman drinks just Soda for 16 Years, faints with long QT syndromeLink Between erratic heart beats and Soda (Coca Cola, pepsi):

As said above, experts feel that the woman’s is a typical case. It turns out that drinking too much cola can cause diarrhea and loss of potassium; and this leads to erratic Heart beats. But this can happen, if one drinks too much of any liquid, including water. Hence the woman’s case can’t be used to say normal quantities of cola will lead to erratic heart beats or long QT Syndrome (heart beats which are not rhythmic).

But does large quantities of Cola, has a more profound effect on human heart compared to any other liquid?

According to experts, cola has a lot of caffeine, which increases urine production and prevents our bodies from reabsorbing potassium. Potassium helps to regulate our heartbeat, so low levels of potassium could lead to an irregular heartbeat. Hence it may be that high consumption of any high caffeine beverages can lead to more profound effects on Human heart.

So what is the Lesson Here?

Whether Soda can be conclusively be linked to long QT Syndrome, may be debatable point. As consumption of any liquid and more so, any liquid with high levels of caffeine in it can lead to the erratic heart beat condition.

But many studies in the past, have shown that drinking too much soda can’t be good for our health. Many such studies on regular and diet soda, have linked soda to obesity, Type two diabetes, kidney damage, and even cancer.

But, these studies aren’t conclusive because they rely on the memory of the participants, as in how much and what kind of soda they remember consuming.

So what is the Lessson one can take from the typical case of this woman?

Here’s it:

Too much Soda consumption for a long duration can lead to heart disease. In this case long QT Syndrome.  Cardiologists while looking at irregular heart beats in their patients, can definitively ask the patients of their soda and other beverage drinking habits.

For all of us ordinary people the lesson is: Excess of anything is Bad. Same applies for beverages, including Soda. One soda once in awhile as a treat, is fine.

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