If Women Drink, they like Beer over other Alcohols

It will be wrong to say that Women in India don’t drink. Drinking may be a new trend in Cosmopolitan India, where young women go to swanky restaurants and pubs to have a drink or two; but tribal India do have their own intoxicants for ages (Tadi, Feni, Rise liquor etc. ). That said, according to some data related to USA — Overall, 20 percent of women like beer more than any other type of alcohol. That’s one out of every 5 women drinkers in USA likes beer over other types of alcohols. In addition, the fairer gender (the women) makes up 25 percent of beer consumption in the US. That’s One out of 4 every beer sold in USA is bought by a Woman.

The 7 percent alcohol content in beer (low beer content in beer) may be the reason. After all woman want to be in control. Do the above numbers match with Indian Women?

Just musings…