WordPress Plugin Not Working After Activation?

When you’re new to a self hosted blog on WordPress CMS, even small things appear to be a big roadblock. Take for instance, WordPress plugins. The reason why you migrated to WordPress is its ability to help you with your technical limitations with coding. You are told that on WordPress you can accomplish software programmer like feats using simple WordPress Plugins. All you need to do is Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search for a new plugin plugin based on the task you want to accomplish; and once done successfully, Activate the Plugin. And Working After Activationhere you’re all set to use that plugin the easiest way, as the WordPress plugin and all the options offered to you will start showing on the Dashboard. Easy right? But what if some WordPress plugin doesn’t start showing up even after you activate it? But what if the Wordpress Plugin is Not Working After Activation ?

Stop, don’t see it as a major roadblock. The plugin is not made for someone who has truckloads of expertise with coding. It’s made for common joes who are efficient at everything but coding. Only that, there can be one more step to get the WordPress working.

You may need to import some data, your own previous data on this wordpress blog, to get it working.

Some WordPress plugins do need this kind of information or intelligence to serve you. Else the plugin is as much clueless as you’re at that moment. But for different reasons though :).

New WordPress Plugin needs to Import Data

You will find the WordPress Import Tool Here WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Import .

On the next page, you may see the new Plugin listed. Do the details besides the plugin tell you to ‘Install it’? Follow the advice. And the very next moment you will see the WordPress Plugin up and running.

Taxonomy Converter WordPress plugin which needs Data Import

When one starts blogging, he/she creates hundreds of categories and thousands of tags, mindlessly. Over time he/she realizes that troves of categories and tags are doing no good to their blog. This initiates the house cleaning process, which means unceremoniously trashing majority of tags; and converting many Categories to tags and vice-versa.

But if the best way to be productive while blogging is to save every second, then doing this house cleaning manually bit by bit is counter-productive. The best way to use some plugin which helps us do such operations in bulk.  Taxonomy Converter Helps us do that (search for it exactly the way I told you above).

This plugin also comes under the category of WordPress plugins which needs second install to import data.

Have a bump free ride on WordPress Blogging!