Working Ladies, this causes Turkey Neck too

A Turkey neck, also called double chin, is always in the caution checklist of those concerned about their weight gain. That’s why it’s the first thing they look for every time they see themselves in the mirror. But this constant obsession with double chin has a flip-side as well. A scenario where a person mistakes herself to be fat, when all she has is a turkey neck. In such a case, taking care of the double-chin will correct the perception.

But first what is turkey neck: As the name suggests, a neck which resembles like that of a turkey is a turkey neck—in more common words it’s also called a “Double Chin”.

According to renowned cosmetic surgeon and Botox specialist, Dr Michael Prager,

An increasing number of women are developing “computer face”(or double chin). Professionals working long hours in front of a computer screen are ending up with sagging jowls, known as “turkey neck”, and deep wrinkles on their forehead, Office workers are most likely to show signs of premature ageing.

What Doctor is advising: The doctor is telling ladies not to sit in one position for long. Looking down, the neck muscles shorten, eventually giving them a second neck.

While on your office seat, try moving your head, gently, in front and back, sideways and try to look at the ceiling. Do not open your mouth while doing all the movements. You can  support your neck with your hands as well. Do not stress or strain your neck muscle too much. Adopt the right sitting posture to prevent turkey neck as well.

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