Working women: Motherhood or Career… What to Choose?

Working women: Motherhood or Career…What to Choose can be a big and stressing decision for Working Women

Motherhood or a career? Which one truly matters? This is a big decision many women across the world, have to make. Choosing career before family often gets them the tag of being cold towards the children and husband. On the other hand, choosing to become  full time caregiver to kids and family, leaves a void in them. A void which tells them they have not achieved anything in their lives.

Thus motherhood and a career, both are important in their own way. But still fom where will a working woman, in conflict on what to choose from — Career or motherhood, get the much needed motivation; to make the right choice. The book Choosing Motherhood  can help. Here they will learn how these bright, young LDS  (Mormon) women from the Yale community, while their peers were putting off motherhood or forgetting it entirely, decided to become mothers and make an eternal difference in the lives of their children and their communities.

Working women: Motherhood or Career

Choosing Motherhood: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First
by: Lia Collings
sales rank: 212306