To World — India is land of Gandhi, Messiah of Non-violence!

If Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is perceived on its face value, then it is very clear that the Flagship of Modi Government has not resulted in much improvement in Civic cleanliness. In fact, more trash seemed to be littered in our cities, spaces alongside roads and highways than any other time.

mahatma Gandhi, non-violence, land of Gandhi, messiah of non-violence, swachh Bharat AbhiyanThat said, the rivers may NOT be any cleaner either as for that the Government(s) needs to set up more biological treatment plants. But we are not seeing such BTPs being set up either.

But that can be tolerated because the much hyped Swachh Bharat Mission was never perceived on its face value. So lets not be bothered by cleaner cities, towns, villages and rivers for the time being.

Lets bother about how Swachh Bharat Mission tried to kill Mahatma Gandhi’s image or brand (if you like to call it) within and outside India.

Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Messiah of non-violence all around the world. Mahatma Gandhi and non-violence are so interconnected that the moment you say you’re from India, the foreigner instantly retells you — “So you are from the land of Gandhi”. People may not know about New Delhi, but they do know about Gandhi. This is not some hyperbole (in Hindi, “Atishayokti”), it does happens and one feels proud at being an Indian.

But by linking Mahatma Gandhi with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the present Government tried to weaken Gandhi’s image of the messiah of non-violence. Although no one can weaken that image, still it was wrong for the present Modi Government to make such an attempt.

It was wrong because — Who kills their own statesmen?

If World honors Mahatma Gandhi as person who taught the World the true meaning of Non-violence, then what is the need to weaken that image!

Instead, we as a Nation must strengthen that image and tell the World Gandhi lived and will continue to live for non-violence. We must tell the World, we come from the land of Gandhi — Who lived and will continue to live till there is an iota of space for non-violence in any heart in any heart anywhere!

[PS: It may seem small mater to some. But it is not. Have you ever seen a British or an American try to weaken their statesmen such as Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. … the way some of our Governments and people do?]