WWF India Wild Wisdom Book for Your Child | Book Review

World Wide Fund for nature has come up with a great book about Wildlife in India. Your school going kid will love it. This book can introduce him/her to great world of Books.

As a kid in late 70s and early 80s, quiz competitions weren’t very common and neither were they so popular. Siddhartha Basu made us sit up and take interest in quiz. But whatever little quiz shows or competitions we did have, really excited me in those ends. The little boy lurking somewhere inside me is the reason why I accepted to review a Quiz Book for Primary School kids.

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book comes in an era when kids log onto internet and trust anything Wikipedia feeds them. Most of the surveys, thesis and research articles these days are but copy paste stuff from Wikipedia or other information portals. So how does a book on ‘wild-life’ help kids today ?

Well, Wikipedia doesn’t conveniently and concisely tell us that Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and can grow up to a meter in height in a single day. Neither do we selectively learn that Sunbeam Snakes, seen only in Great Nicobar Islands with their highly iridescent scales, are living reptilian holograms.

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book is brought out by the World Wide Fund for Nature, India [WWF India] as part of their Wild Wisdom drive to create awareness about nature, the wild life and the need to conserve the earth. The quiz is meant for middle school children [Classes 6, 7 and 8]

The book begins with introduction to WWF-India and WWF-India Wild Wisdom quiz followed by Introduction. Basic idea of classification of Kingdoms, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species is beautifully illustrated in a diagram. The comparatively short period of existence of human species on this planet has been disastrous for the wildlife and nature. This point is driven home with an intent to create a better set of human beings more friendly to nature.

There are 7 Chapters with Questions listed at the beginning of each chapter followed by answers along with valuable snippets about wildlife. Plants, Fish, Arthropods and Annelids, Amphibians and Reptiles, Mammals, Birds and Potpourri are the 7 chapters organized in 216 pages.

World Wildlife week is celebrated every year between October 1 and 7. This is to spread awareness about environment conservation among school kids and general public. Looking at the way we see the nature being damaged and the global warming getting worse; I think we need to celebrate not Wildlife week, but Wildlife year. Year after year, we will have to celebrate Wildlife year to avoid the earth from ending up as one huge concrete jungle between a completely devastated desert forever.

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book is an extremely gratifying book to read, not only for kids but the supposedly grown up people. If the list of endangered species and the amount of destruction man has wrecked doesn’t scare us, nothing will. It is definitely worth the effort and I would strongly recommend this book for schools and libraries and to make this a compulsory read for all kids. Recommending this as an additional textbook for Environmental Sciences in school should be a great step forward.

[Editor’s Pick : I also read this book . It is a book which many parents will want to read aloud to their 10 year old before bedtime. It’s a book to know more facts about Wildlife in India.]

Details of the book:

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book
Puffin Books
First Published in Puffin by Penguin Books India 2014
Copyright: WWF-India 2014
Multiple Authors, names not mentioned
216 Pages
Soft Cover
Price: Rs. 199/- (Rs 145 @ 27 percent Discount. Cash on Delivery Available. Means You order and pay cash when the book reaches your door step)