Xiaomi Mi 3 Stock : Gone in 5 seconds!

On July 16, 2014, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (pronounce Showme) along with Flipkart announced the launch of three of its Xiaomi range smartphones. The announcement was different from other smartphone launches, as Xiaomi founded in 2010, sells its devices only online. That too with prior registration or pre-order. Yes, no brick n mortar stores in real World. Just like some hot fast food joint, Xiaomi opens pre order window for a fixed duration of time, and has to put “Out of Stock” within minutes of opening the counter. But such is the quality and price point of Xiaomi products that it managed to stand to that reputation so far. And Xiaomi’s India debut is no different.

Yesterday Flipkart and Xiaomi announced that this week’s entire Xiaomi Mi 3 stock was sold out in 5 seconds on www.flipkart.com .

The site saw an unprecedented 250,000 users simultaneously accessing the Mi 3 page shortly after the sale opened at 2pm yesterday. This traffic load was 4 times higher than the heaviest level ever experienced by Flipkart’s infrastructure. At 2pm sharp, when the countdown timer on the Mi 3 page hit 00:00:00, users were able to instantly add the product to their shopping carts (resulting in liquidation of the entire inventory in just under 5 seconds) and were then taken to the payment and checkout pages which they completed at their leisure.

After yesterday’s sale, the total number of Xiaomi Mi 3 devices sold on Flipkart to date is 20,000.

Commenting on the exceptional response, Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global, from Xiaomi’s headquarters in Bangalore said,

“We are completely overwhelmed by the demand for Mi 3 by our fans here in India and are working diligently with our manufacturing partners as well as our local partners and the user community here in India to bring more devices and deliver the best possible product experience with Mi 3 and other models to come.”

Flipkart co-founder & CEO Sachin Bansal said,

“The Mi sales model is a new concept for us at Flipkart and the Indian customers in general. We learned a lot during last week’s first sale and, after directing our entire team to work on improving the customer experience over the last week, we have made significant progress. The site held up extremely well today and no major issues have been reported. We are working towards an even more seamless experience for our customers in the future.”

The literal stampede for Xiaomi Mi 3 is not just craze, Xiaomi has made a name for itself by offering premium features and quality at surprising price points.

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