What if Yeddyurappa avoids floor test | Karnataka Govt. Drama

Right now, the clock is showing 2:15 PM.

Yesterday, Supreme Court of India preponed the date of floor test by 12 days. Today the floor test will take place at 4:00 PM.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court of India rejected the JDS-Congress demand of a new Protem speaker. Notably, the one chosen by BJP is not the senior most members in the newly elected Karnataka legislative assembly.

In such a scenario, are there any chances of the new Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa, offering his resignation to the Governor before the floor test (vote of confidence) in the Karnataka assembly? That is, if he chooses not to go for proving majority in the assembly.

If there are any chances, then how must we, people, react to it?

I think the best reaction would be to — see it as BJP failing to get the support of the adequate number of MLAs. Nothing more nothing less.

In that scenario, there is no reason to see the development as ‘opposition or rivals’ sabotaging BJP’s attempt to make Government. The Supreme Court took the correct decision of preponing the floor test, as allowing 15 days would have only encouraged horse-trading (buying and selling of MLAs).

Lets see what happens.