Let Yogi Aditya Nath succeed in his Mission… even without Polarising Statements

UP BJP chief Laxmikant Bajpai, Union minister Kalraj Mishra, Yogi Adityanath have been nominated by the BJP to lead the campaign for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh by-elections. The BJP MLA Suresh Rana, chargesheeted in connection with Muzaffarnagar riots has also been given the responsibility to campaign in Bijnor constituency.

It appears that polarising figures are hand picked to help BJP win the UP bypolls.

The four have already started to work on the responsibility entrusted upon them. They are ready to fight, polarize and do whatever they can to win the by polls — A natural disposition they are always eager to showcase. They are aware of the reward system in their party. Both Sangeet Som and Suresh Rana chargesheeted for Muzaffarnagar riots, were not only publicly hailed as “Hindu Hridaya Samrats“, but also felicitated in Agra at Mr. Narendra Modi’s Agra Rally, ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2014. In the 100 days of the new Government’s rule, it managed to accomplish one thing clearly : Segregate its leaders into two separate Groups — one who will govern and other who will win elections.

Lakshmi Kant Bajpai’s one of the recent threats came at Moradabad. Giving a threat to the Moradabad SP for allegedly issuing political comments, during Kanth village communal issue, Bajpai said,

“The SP of Moradabad must not get blinded by arrogance. The SP Government will remain in power for maximum three years. Or it will fall even earlier. Hence he must not be blinded by arrogance. The punishment of God sticks to a person quietly. Nobody knows when that punishment will be inflicted upon him and upon which member of his family.”

Don’t know who’s displaying more arrogance — the SP of Moradabad or the BJP leader. That apart, Mr. Bajpayi appears to be the God sent man or his messenger. Else he wouldn’t have known about the future designs of the God. That too with that surety. No wonder though, afterall his party won 283 seats in the recent Lok Sabha elections. There’s another mystery though : Which God he’s indirectly refering to?

While protesting against the SP Government in Lucknow, the same Mr. Bajpayi defended his and his supporters right to fight, saying that,

“We are the Children of Bhagat Singh. We will fight pound for pound.”

It’s not unusual for protesters to reiterate their right to protest. It’s quite unusual for them to challenge the mob controllers. That apart, do we need Bhagat Singhs to sort out very matter in hand? What if the person in front of these Bhagat Singhs is a Woman?

Yogi Aditya Nath only yesterday said,

“Trend in riots in nation shows that places where Muslim population is 10-20 per cent communal tension is more. Where there is 20-40 per cent population, the communal tension is grave. Places where Muslim population is more than 40 per cent, non-Muslims have no place there,”

Going by Aditya Nath’s logic, the 1984 Sikh riots in Delhi were a result of sizable population of Sikhs in Delhi. Were they? That apart, will it be correct to say that in those riots, Sikhs suffered less than the non-Sikhs? Any where riots take place, those in the minority will suffer more. That’s why it’s hard on logic that a minority will instigate riots to bring harm on themselves. This is not rocket science.

Yogi Adityanath’s statement starts making sense, when one picks the last line of his statement : Places where Muslim population is more than 40 per cent, non-Muslims have no place there . Does he want to say that where Muslims are not outnumbered by non-muslims or Hindus, the Hindus can’t overpower them ? Does he want to say that Hindus can dominate minorities (muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc.) only when Hindus are in access of 80 percent. Ask yourself, going by this logic, who appears to you , the rioter or the problem creator?

BJP chose the saffron clad Adityanath, with a mysterious smile, to speak on the need of a more effective mechanism to deal with Communal Violence in the parliament, on behalf of his party. Some hours later, BJP Spokespersons cleverly distanced their party from Aditya Nath’s Parliamentary speech, terming it as one by some MP from Gorakhpur. How can a party disown the opinions of its own MP, who it made incharge to speak on BJP’s quota. You need to be a rocket scientist to understand BJP Spokespersons logic. Here, I’m not criticising the viciousness of Aditya Nath’s speech; what I’m criticising is the way BJP allows its MPs make such extreme opinions, only to distance itself later on. If BJP wants to get votes from such polarizing opinions then why doesn’t it own them. There can be two reasons for that: Either it has communicated to its cadres and supporters that it will do such flip flop for electoral gain OR it has least respect for people’s intelligence, including those who support its Hindutva Agenda.

We often criticise Taliban Muslims destroying Bamiyan Buddha Statues in Afghanistan. And we should. But that’s not their fault. They are simply unable to see such statues and places of worship, beyond them being stone figurines and brick n mortar structures. They can speak at lengths as to how a certain place of Worship is nothing more than a place of congregation of mortals.  That’s why we must not be surprised by the their action. Fundamentalists belonging to any religion act that way. The reason for this is simple: They see a Place of worship belonging to other religion, cult, culture as an enclosure of dead stones, bricks n mortar. They see human emotions such as love, friendship, culture, traditions, human rights , with sheer disdain as well. These fundamentalists can teach you much hallowed things from scriptures, but never usually act on what they preach! But, they are arrogant to the hilt. Why? As they see themselves more Godly than others. That’s why they don’t think twice before using God for their mortal ambitions. That’s why they don’t think twice before crushing the simple ambitions of others.