You can Dance and Happily Lose Weight

No, this article is not sharing some research that says one can lose weight by shaking his/her leg!

The article is saying in plain and simple words: If you like dancing then you can make it your way to lose weight.

Ya, you can. Who said you will have to follow some specific fitness manual to shed those couple of pounds. When the reality is any BODY activity (putting your body to rhythmic motions of slow and fast intensity motions and enjoying the motions) that you enjoy and makes your body heat up and sweat can help you lose weight.

Believe me this is far better than buying some tested fitness program and not following it properly; as you don’t like exercise.

So if you like dancing, with friends or alone; try to get your groove back. Play your favorite music, invite your friend, mom; or if you are an introvert kind of person, put on the curtains, bolt in your room and hit the dance floor (your home floor I mean).

And if you start dancing to lose weight, feel free to tell me how it feels. Let I tell you, your love for dancing complemented by feel good chemicals injected in your blood through activity; will take you cloud Number 9.