You may be Clueless of what is Really trending on Twitter!

Ever since Twitter started earning money (its advertising model) from tweets, it ceased to portray the correct pulse or the true real time sentiment of the World or the country. If not entirely, then majorly.

Let I give you an example. One of the Twitter’s Promoted products is promoted trends.  If you’re Twitter user, then Twitter trends are shown on the Left hand sidebar on Twitter

the top trending topic is promoted trend

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dashboard. The Twitter trends is a List of ten #tags or topics, which are rallying or trending as the real time sentiment on Twitter. If you are looking at the trends in India, then it’s showing the correct pulse of India.


To an extent.

As the top trend or the first trending topic in the List is a Promoted trend. Someone has paid for it to remain there for next 24 hours.

Although it’s fact based, but still if you don’t agree, ask yourself a question :Why 9 out of 10 trending topics (Except for the Promoted trend or paid Trend) don’t have the number of Tweets besides them (Look at the Picture on the Left).

Observe one more thing, when this topic starts going down, or lives its paid life, even then this only will be mentioning a number besides it.