You need Discipline to be as Prolific as Khushwant Singh!

Today, while reading newspaper, Khushwant Singh came to my mind. Our opinion about Khushwant Singh’s writing skills may vary, but I do think he was a prolific writer. And I found most of his writings interesting. Even during his last years, his writings in various newspapers kept making sense and remained interesting.

Khushwant Singh had many admirers, including I. He had equal or even more number of haters. To I, he surely was a prolific writer. That’s why, when in one of his interviews he told that he follows a very disciplined daily routine; I believed him. As, only a very disciplined person can write that much without losing clarity of thought. In that interview, Singh Said, he wakes up at 4:00 AM and keeps reading and writing till 7:00 in the evening. At 8:00 PM he goes to bed.

As far as his haters or critics are concerned, then the warning on his door would only have inflated that number: Do Not Press the Bell, Unless Expected.