You Succeed as People Want you to | Success Tips

Alright you don’t agree.

You think, this doesn’t happen. The moment people see you climbing the success ladder, they drag you down.

In real World , you may be as correct as I’m.

You’re correct as people by nature are ambitious and resources are scarce; hence seeing someone achieve something can result in some jealously.

I’m also correct. I’m saying this after giving adequate thought to the euphemism, published in Fortune Magazine in 1974(I read the line only recently). Doing a profile of Trammell Crow Company founder, Trammell Crow, Fortune published an article with the Title: Trammell Crow Succeeds Because You Want Him To.

I tweaked the line to I succeeded as People Want me To and gave it a Thought.

 You Succeed as People Want you to

In 13 steps to Good Luck, Ashwin Sanghi says that one of the steps towards a Bloody Good Luck are Opportunities. According to him, to become lucky, one must keep getting good opportunities. Most of which come from PEOPLE.

Think over it : Don’t opportunities come from the People?

That’s why if we assume in our minds that people don’t want to see me succeed, then we are closing most of the Opportunities in our lives.

Trammell Crow success tipsTo conclude, see the lives of people who succeeded in their Mission, Career or Business. They managed to achieve that as people wanted them to succeed.

Take for instance Mahatma Gandhi. He succeeded in his protests as people following him wanted him to succeed.

Dhirubhai Ambani or Subrata Roy Sahara, succeeded as their investors wanted them to succeed.

Even a guy working in a office and getting a raise or a promotion, manages to do so, as people linked to him/her at the workplace, wanted him to succeed. If that may not be the case, then no industry or business can survive even one single day.

If you still disagree, then try planting a new Thought and remove the Old one.

Say to Self: I Succeed as People Want me to

And in no time you will see opportunities and Happiness flowing your way. This will also bring about another monumental change: You will transform into a very Helpful Individual.

Opportunities is a Two way channel: You act as an opportunity receiver and sender, all the time.

An Activity: Think of three people outside your family, who you are linked to as a friend, colleague, subordinate, Boss or in any other way. But ensure that the connection must not be of public nature (such as one that with a political party or a politician, unless you see real opportunities coming your way):

1) Who you really want to see Succeed.

2) Who want you to Succeed.

Write down the names of these people in a notebook. If you don’t find these six people, then you first need to convince yourself that: People Do want to See you Succeed.